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Creating Positive Thought Patterns

Creating Positive Thought Patterns ▶ custom player

In this teen tidbit, Evan discusses her visit with Rick Hanson and his discoveries of thought patterns and their impact on brain structure. Evan illustrates that brain structure can actually be changed through brain exercises and positive thinking. This can be valuable in easing stress and anxiety when observing teen behavior and determining outcomes.

Affluence, Choice, and Anxiety in Teens

Affluence, Choice, and Anxiety in Teens ▶ custom player

In this teen tidbit, Evan Center discusses power placement in the family dynamic and how allowing your teen too much decision making power can not only cause dysfunction within the family, but produce anxiety in your teen.

When Your Teen Lies

When Your Teen Lies ▶ custom player

In this teen tidbit Evan Center shares a new way to think about and approach situations when your teen lies. Listen to find out how to handle your teen’s next lie.

How to Improve Communication and Decrease the Chaos

How to Improve Communication and Decrease the Chaos ▶ custom player

In this Teen Tidbit, Evan shares how to use Family Meetings to decrease chaos, improve communication, and repair conflicts, not to mention foster executive functioning in your teen.

Back in the swing of High School

Just a quick note and link to all the parents or high school age kids out there:

If you have not yet started to help your teen adjust their sleep schedule back to normal, now is the time to start. The most effective way to do so is by having them move their waking time 30-minutes earlier each day until they land at the appropriate, school-ready time. If you are doing the math right now, and you are realizing there are not enough days left until school starts, don’t sweat it. Remember, they are teenagers and it is okay to let them struggle a little and suffer the consequences of their fun summer. Oh, and moving bed time earlier is generally not going to work so don’t even go there.

Also, here is an article on getting and staying organized this school year. Check it out.