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The Un-fix Fix

The Un-fix Fix ▶ custom player

In this podcast, Evan Center talks about the urge to fix situations and relieve uncomfortable emotions in our children… And how to approach this differently with teens. She calls it the “un-fix fix.” Listen to find out how to respond when your teen runs up against a problem or difficult emotion.

Creating Positive Thought Patterns

Creating Positive Thought Patterns ▶ custom player

In this teen tidbit, Evan discusses her visit with Rick Hanson and his discoveries of thought patterns and their impact on brain structure. Evan illustrates that brain structure can actually be changed through brain exercises and positive thinking. This can be valuable in easing stress and anxiety when observing teen behavior and determining outcomes.

Holiday Season Blues

Ah, the Holiday Season. For lots of people, there is so much emotion attached to this time of year. Whether you celebrate any of the holidays that fall this time of year or not, you likely have some association with December. It might be the lack of natural light, specific holiday or the perennial visit with family… your association might be very positive, or not so much. If your associations are only positive, then you are probably not reading this blog. But if you have some mixed emotions about this time of year, you might be the person reading this now.

Perhaps it is family conflict or just that feeling that when you are around your family, you fall into (or get shoved into) your old family role that you haven’t fit since adolescence. Or maybe it is the grief of a loss renewed when you encounter the holidays without that loved one who has passed away. Maybe the lack of light (or scant snow so far this year!) makes you feel lethargic and down. Maybe the New Year makes you re-evaluate your life, your relationships, your career and you are discovering that you are not where you want to be. If any of this is you, you are not alone. There is so much hype about how positive this time of year is supposed to be – parties, encouragement of material consumption (which rarely makes anyone feel better), but what I find is that many people’s sense of sadness, anxiety and isolation are heightened right about now.

Perhaps your New Year’s Resolution can be something a little different this year. Maybe, just maybe, you are ready to move toward these difficult emotions and examine them in order to better understand your self, your relationships and your life. If you are looking to move forward and change your life, consider this option rather than just hoping the feelings will go away and waiting for the next time they come up.


I am super-excited to be restructuring my schedule which will create three more openings! If you are on the east coast there is even one after-school time open! What, you ask? But aren’t you located in Montana? If I am on the east coast how can I work with you (or how can my teen work with you)? Well, that is the other exciting part of my restructuring! I will be offering my services via telephone! Contact me to sign up for a free 30-minute Jump-Start Your Change call.

Don’t worry if you are local. I will be continuing to do work locally AND will get those posts up of my favorite people to refer clients to asap.

My referral go-to for couples counseling

When I am full and someone is looking for a couples counselor, Sunny Mavor is the first person I think of. (I often refer to Wendy Morrison too, but you will have to wait for her bio.) It turns out, Sunny sees individuals too. She, like me, has been trained in EMDR and uses that with individuals to help them move beyond those old issues that keep coming up. Here is what Sunny has to say about her work:

I see couples and individuals from adolescence to any age onward; people of all faiths, beliefs and diversities. I especially enjoy working with couples and have trained intensively in Emotionally Focused Therapy. EFT is a highly-researched and effective method of helping couples restore their connection and respect for each other while creating a new, lasting relationship. I am constantly astounded how this method ‘cuts to the chase’ and helps couples communicate.

I have also trained in EMDR for trauma and Dialectical Behavior Therapy for those who desire more intensive therapy.

For more information, check out Sunny’s own site:
or call her at 406-581-4011