How to Improve Communication and Decrease the Chaos

How to Improve Communication and Decrease the Chaos ▶ custom player

In this Teen Tidbit, Evan shares how to use Family Meetings to decrease chaos, improve communication, and repair conflicts, not to mention foster executive functioning in your teen.

Back in the swing of High School

Just a quick note and link to all the parents or high school age kids out there:

If you have not yet started to help your teen adjust their sleep schedule back to normal, now is the time to start. The most effective way to do so is by having them move their waking time 30-minutes earlier each day until they land at the appropriate, school-ready time. If you are doing the math right now, and you are realizing there are not enough days left until school starts, don’t sweat it. Remember, they are teenagers and it is okay to let them struggle a little and suffer the consequences of their fun summer. Oh, and moving bed time earlier is generally not going to work so don’t even go there.

Also, here is an article on getting and staying organized this school year. Check it out.

Bids for Connection

Bids for Connection ▶ custom player

In this Teen Tidbit, Evan shares how concepts from John Gottman’s decades of research and work with married couples can be applied to how we as parents respond to and interact with our teenagers.

You can find the article she mentions during the podcast here.

The Trap of Perfectionism

The Trap of Perfectionism ▶ custom player

In this Teen Tidbit, Evan explains the common pitfall for parents of teens: perfectionism. Listen to find out how to approach you relationship with your co-parent, with yourself and with your teen from a place of compassion.

Upcoming Webinar: 3 steps to helping your child manage their anxiety, anger and calm themselves down (without raising your voice)

I recently had the opportunity to ask my friend and parenting expert, Heather Chauvin, a few questions I had rattling around in my head about moms. AND not only is she allowing me to share her answers with you, she is also offering a free webinar for all the mom’s out there (check out the end of the post for details).

What is one way moms can break past the excuses to take more time for themselves and their relationships with friends or their partner?

Excuses keep us in our comfort zone. They allow us to play small and when we are surrounded by other excuse makers it is very easy to feel stuck.

One way moms can break through excuses and create time for themselves is to take daily action towards achieving their goals.

Example: If you want to create a regular yoga practice you have to carve out the time to do it and make it your priority.

Your ‘monkey mind’ is going to come up again and again telling you why you shouldn’t go, how you are being a bad mother if you do, but this is just your monkey mind talking. This is not your truth. Your truth is what your heart desires.

Listen to your heart and take action.

How can moms start to shift the priorities to put themselves at the top and why is this so important when so many other things seem more important (the kids, earning a living, getting all the sh!t of daily living done…)

Shifting priorities is like sticking your finger in oil and water. It stirs things up and you find yourself outside of your comfort zone. When you begin to see clearly that you have been prioritizing backwards and putting yourself at the bottom of the list, you will see how that relates to the daily actions you take for yourself.

To start prioritizing yourself, first create a rock solid morning routine that is all about fulfilling your soul desires (exercise, meditation, and a yummy breakfast).

Life brings on many responsibilities and in order to do them all effectively you MUST first have a rock solid foundation.

I often ask parents, would you build your house on a sand foundation? Then, why do we choose a sand foundation in our own lives?

The more solid you are, the more solid your family will become.

How do you see moms impacting their growing men and women (not in a mom blaming way, but in a real way)?

Woman are the heartbeat of every family. Always have been, and still are today. Both parents play a pivotal role in ‘modeling’ what is possible for their children.

I always say you must become the person you want your children to be. We can not expect anything from others if we are not willing to do it ourselves.

Parenthood is an opportunity to rise up and become the best version of yourself to show your children their true potential.

Do your current priorities leave you feeling uncertain and lacking? Do you want to learn more about how your priorities can affect not just you but your entire family?

Join my friend Heather Chauvin on June 3rd for her FREE webinar: 3 steps to helping your child manage their anxiety, anger and calm themselves down (without raising your voice). CLICK HERE for all the details.