When Your Teen Lies

When Your Teen Lies ▶ custom player

In this teen tidbit Evan Center shares a new way to think about and approach situations when your teen lies. Listen to find out how to handle your teen’s next lie.


Senioritis ▶ custom player

In this month’s teen tidbit, Evan Center, LCPC discusses some of the psychology behind your teen’s symptoms of Senioritis and some strategies for parents of seniors.

Closed for the Holidays

Our office will be closed for the holidays; we’ll begin responding to messages on January 5. Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and safe start to your New Year.

What Video Games do to Teen’s Brains

Check out this article for a short summary of what video games can do to your teen’s developing brain. It isn’t pretty. AND definitely read this before you invest in new games or a new system for your teen if that was on their list for the holiday.

Gray Matters: Too Much Screen Time Damages the Brain

How to Have a Great Holiday Break with Your Teen

How to Have a Great Holiday Break with Your Teen ▶ custom player

In this teen tidbit, Evan shares steps to creating a smoother and more connecting and restorative holiday break with your teen and the whole family.