Will I get to be involved in the process with my teen?

I approach every family as unique, but I always seek input from parents. Parents are an integral part of every teens’ life, no matter how strained the relationship might be right now. Sometimes a teen will tell me that they really want the counseling time to themselves; other teens really want their parents in the counseling process with them. I will adapt my services to your family’s needs. At the very least, I ask for parent input via my website’s secure client area and request that all parents attend my monthly parent support call. Ultimately, your involvement will be integral in the progress of your son or daughter. I am glad you asked!

Do you coordinate care with my teen’s psychiatrist/ doctor?

Yes! Teens are not an isolated organism. I coordinate care with not only their doctor, but also with their school counselor and any other professionals who are involved in helping your teen succeed. All you need to do is provide me with a release of information.

Do you recommend medications?

Having worked in medical settings, I am very familiar with psychotropic medications and have seen how helpful they can be. That said, I do not prescribe medications myself and often see that counseling is more effective than medication on its own. Consider that medications may help, but without any other change, one will either be dependent on the medication to maintain the improvement or symptoms may crop up again after discontinuing the medication.

What should I look for in a counselor?

“Fit” is one of the biggest factors in whether counseling will be effective. You should always talk with the counselor before you decide on who you, your family or your teen will work with. That is why I offer complimentary Teen Thrive sessions to parents. During that time, I will help you clarify your goals for your teen and will give you some tools to implement right away at home.

I think my teen has ADHD. What should I do?

Talking to your child’s primary care provider is one place to start, but keep in mind that medication is not the only route with ADHD. Behavioral strategies can be very useful in teaching how to adapt to the challenges of ADHD. Also keep in mind that ADHD often impacts kids’ self-esteem, mood and relationships. Counseling will address not only the behavioral aspects of ADHD, but also the identity and mood impacts of having ADHD.

I am in college (my son/daughter is in college). Do you work with young adults?

YES!!!! I love working with college-age men and women. Developmentally, the brain is still in a phase of rapid development during college. It is a great time to get support that will set the young person up for success during college and beyond.

It is 2am and I am worried about my teen’s safety, what should I do?

Please call the Help Center at 406-586-3333 or dial 911.

Wait! I am not a teen, but I am curious about working with you.

I do work with non-teen/young adult clients who are a good fit for my expertise. Call or email to see if you would be a good fit for a Complimentary Session. Definitely call if your are struggling with pre or post-partumn anxiety or are a parent looking for mood/parenting support of your own. I also offer EMDR treatment to my adult clients; if you are looking for someone who offers this unique, rapid and effective treatment, give me a call.

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