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It’s Time for Prom Again

Read what Evan has to say about it in Montana Parent Magazine.

Why Are Teens So Friend-Focused?

Why Are Teens So Friend-Focused?

Ever wonder why your teen is so focused on their peers? In this Teen Tidbit, Evan explains why teens generally turn to peers rather than family. You’ll also hear some strategies around helping your teen have a broader outlook.

Be the Person You Want Your Teen to Be

Be the Person You Want Your Teen to Be

Hacking the Teen Brain

Many parents dread the teenage years. Just when they need you the most, they rebel and focus on peers.

Does this sound familiar:

Your teen is unmotivated. They are disrespectful. You’re concerned about their friends and worried they’re experimenting with sex and drugs.

If you need help with your teenager and you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or just out of touch with that sweet kid you used to know, this is your opportunity to start fresh.

I’m joining forces with family coach and behavior consultant Jennifer Williams to bring you Hacking the Teen Brain. This course will help you:

  • understand how brain development explains your teen’s behavior
  • have skills to redirect disrespect while teaching important values
  • know how to stay grounded and calm when you most need to
  • help your teen motivate from within (no more nagging necessary!)

For more information and to register, please visit this site.