I “get” teenagers. Especially stuck ones.

I’ve been working with teens for 10+ years in a variety of settings. I’ve gotten to see them from the perspective of dorm parent, trip leader, algebra teacher, cross-country coach, wilderness therapist… and through that, I’ve seen the inner workings of the teen mind. And it isn’t always pretty, but frankly, I think it is pretty awesome.

I have seen teens at some of their hardest moments – having been sent away from home to get help in the woods, trying to pay attention in class after a breakup, struggling with an injury after they’ve worked so hard in their sport, and the most challenging of all: when things aren’t going well at home.

I’m dedicated to helping that gifted part of your child surface again — so they can finally discover strengths they never knew they had, step into their unique talents, and find outlets for their creativity both at school AND at home.

I help teens reclaim their confidence, find their voice, discover a mature, new way of handling the world, and guide them through their deep internal challenges. That way they can get on with the bright future that lies ahead.

Your teen (and you) deserve so much more than plain old counseling. I won’t just sit across from your teen and ask them how they are feeling. I am a roll-up-your sleeves kind of counselor who will challenge your teen, guide them, and ask (and inspire) them to step-up.

I’m here to help unleash your child’s inner greatness so they can achieve what you’ve always known they could.

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